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Ocean Management Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 146
Montgomery New York NY 12549 254

Teléfono 1: (+1) 845 692 3600
Fax: (+1) (845) 692 3600
Contacto: Enviar un email

Based in Montgomery NY. and founded in 1991, Ocean Management Systems Inc., commonly known as OMS ( is revolutionizing the future of sport and technical diving through the implementation of today’s most advanced technology.

The company is leading the dive industry with innovative life support, computer and analytical products that greatly enhance the diver’s situational awareness and safety during every phase of dive.

OMS Inc. has built its core business, around neutrally buoyant steel cylinders, patented BC’s and backplate harness systems. These and other OMS products are typically known throughout the dive industry for their innovative design, and robustness.

Current development programs include a new upstream regulator, redesigned high efficiency lighting systems and a fully closed circuit rebreather. "We will continue to expand our core sport and technical SCUBA equipment line as well as our industrial and medical systems product line.
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